Realizing that it’s difficult to find specific blogs, I’m starting to archive them by their titles. A work in progress, check for separate headings – patience please – still deciding on alpha or date order, click on the link, it will open in a new tab:

Animals, Birds and Flowers, Oh, my!

Abundant Wildflowers August 2013

Cowboys Calf Roping, Vaccinations and Branding, April 2014

Desert Wildflowers May 2014

Eastern Sierras Sierras in the fall, November 2013

Death Valley, Day 1

Death Valley, Day 2

Flora and Fauna March 2013

Ravens and Spiders, oh my October 2012

Rodeos – they start em’ young! California High School Championship and Fish Lake Valley

Science Anyone? CARMA (Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy) June 2014

Shepherds of the Sierras, Sheep Herding, June, 2014

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival May 2013

Where have all the dairies gone?Long time passing March 2014

Where the Wild Things Live! February 2013

Photography and Travel

Eastern Sierras Sierras in the fall, November 2013

Grand Canyon November 2013

Happy New Year! January 1, 2014

Hiking the Northern Cascades, Sauk Mountain, August 2014

Hiking the Washington Cascades, Skyline Divide, August 2014

Hiking the Oregon Coast, September, 2014

Hiking the Sierras, Blue Lake (almost), July 2014

Hiking the Sierras, McGee Creek, July 2014

Hiking the Sierras, Paiute Pass  June 2014

Hiking the Sierras from South Lake, July 2014

Hiking the Sierras, Tyee Lake(s), July 2014

Hiking the Volcanos and Craters of the Eastern Sierras

Hiking the White Mountains, Marble Canyon, August 2014

Hiking the Whites – Patriarch Grove June 2014

La Jolla A southern California trip with photographer friends, April 2014

Lunch Notes Three totally different places where I lunched during a three-day period, January 2014

Mt. Palomar Southern California, March 2014

Owens Valley Earthquake, 1872 December, 2013

Seasonal Scents – Longwood Gardens and haying

Shepherds of the Sierras – Sheepherding, June 2012

Sunsets Volcanic Tablelands, November 2013

Travel Thoughts in the Northwestern United States, September, 2014

Weekend Ramblings (Volcanic Tablelands, Long Valley Caldera, Hot Springs, Mammoth Lakes, June 2014

Wine Country A vineyard in Temecula, California, January 2014

Writing 101 – A WordPress Challenge to become a better writer, June, 2014:

An afternoon in the park

A room with a view June 2014

The Farmhouse June 2014

The Kindness of Strangers June 2014

Three Favorite Songs June 2014

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