Grand Canyon

I visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona last spring at the tail-end of my multi-state photography jaunt. It is now on the list of ‘must revisit’ places as my limited time made me only want more. Also, the day was blustery and cool, with scudding clouds and rain showers, making photos a challenge.


The mighty Colorado River shows up green from above because of the algae bloom from springtime snow melt.


The trees that grow in the canyon sprout out of the rocks, like this juniper existing with little water and fertilization.


Rainbows were prevalent as showers fell intermittently all day. The trail at the top of the photo is Bright Angel, wending it’s way to the bottom of the canyon.



Signs all over the place to not feed the wildlife don’t affect this guy, begging for food right on the stone wall originally erected by the Civilian Conservation Corps. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the Corps in 1933 to erect bridges, stone walls, trails and roads in national forests and parks and state parks all over the United States keeping many unemployed men working during the depression.



These girls were right on the edge past the protective fence. Not sure I could have sat so negligently on cold rocks while temperatures were dropping!


The sun is almost set.


Day is done. It was a good one.


  1. Barb – Such stunning images! I visited the GC several years ago but I had small children in tow. I basically suffered from vertigo the whole time while keeping my kids at least 50 feet from the edge! Thank you for sharing the grandeur and beauty of this magnificent place.


  2. Don’t you just hate it when the clouds ruin your lighting? And then you capture awesomeness like the last photo and you forgive them… 🙂
    I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon since I was 9 – way before I had my own camera – and your pictures make me want to go back and take some of my own.


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