Happy New Year!


A new day, a new year. It’s beautiful weather here today, temperatures will probably reach 70 degrees or 26 degrees Celsius, a light breeze, hardly a cloud in the sky. The collared doves have been singing their monotonous song all morning: who who – who who, over and over again. I find it strangely comforting, while some people find it annoying (unlucky them). Listening to lovely music – just heard Judy Garland singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. It has always taken me over the rainbow, such a magic song.

I’ve been blogging pretty regularly for over a year now. As many of you know, my blog was featured on Freshly Pressed by WordPress Editors. My followers on WordPress currently number 730 – with more coming in daily, and 200 followers on Facebook. This is all still a surprise to me. I will perhaps work on a Facebook page for my blog.

For anyone who follows regularly, you will have noted a long lapse in my blog recently. One might say that life has intervened. My little world of beautiful photos from beautiful places has been interrupted. But now, it’s a new day and a new year (appropriately hearing Auld Lang Syne at the moment). Here’s wishing you the best new year ever, may good health envelope you, may prosperity bless you. I’m climbing back on the blogging bandwagon because as bloggers know, it kind of gets in your blood, and you MUST blog or burst. Happy New Year!



  1. Happy New Year to you, Barb. It is my hope and prayer for you that life smooths out for you and you can enjoy your adventure once more.


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