Wine Country

The wineries in Temecula number 35 or more (depending on whether they are members of the Temecula Valley Winegrower’s Association). They vary from very old wineries to spiffy just built wineries with views of the surrounding vineyards. I’ve been drawn to the fall colors of the grape leaves as they still haven’t dropped and are beautifully colored.

leavesred leaf

I stopped by Hart Winery and met Christine Hart who invited me to ‘come on in’ when I asked if I could take some photos. The winery sits high on a hill overlooking the softly sloping fields of vines. Hart has been in existence since 1980 – one of the older wineries of the area. 


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All wineries also have beautiful roses growing, so along with the beauty of the wineries themselves, there are always roses to enjoy.



orange leaves


    1. I need a buddy to go sampling with — coming this way any time soon? Thanks, I need to get off my duff and bike through the wineries and orange groves and shoot some more. There are also hot air balloons all over the place.


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