Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

My friends Laurie and Kevin had extended an invitation to their lovely Puget Sound island home, and I jumped at the chance to visit during April and tulip season. More later about the island.

I visited the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival on two different days in April; but only had time for one grower: Roozen Gaarde. The first day was a rainy, chilly, typically Washington State spring day. The second day was warm, sunny and bright followed by a cold sunset in the tulip fields; my hands were frozen ice cubes by the time I climbed back into the car.

The Skagit Valley was settled by Dutch immigrants who brought their bulb raising skills and architecture with them. Close to a half million visitors come to see the blooms each spring. The last day I visited was just in time, as I overheard the plans for two days later: cut off all the field blooms to allow the bulbs to gain strength by not having the blooms go to seed. So imagine the field photos without bloom! Almost missed it!

This little boy was visiting the fields with his parents during sunset on the last day I was there – love how you can even see the sun on his eyelashes!



Stream of grape hyacinths running through the gardens.
Stream of grape hyacinths running through the gardens.

The tulips speak for themselves:









Snow capped peaks overlook the valley.
Snow capped peaks overlook the valley.





    1. Hi Carol, I’m traveling back tomorrow. Then find a place to park my RV. But first, fishing with my grandson, then Mother’s Day breakfast. This is pretty much a first as since my kids have been grown they’ve always lived far away!

      Miss my friends in Temecula!


  1. Except for the mountains in the back, the fields look much like the photos Courtney took in the Netherlands. Really beautiful photos, Barb!!


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