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Anyone who has maintained a blog or photography site knows it takes time and organization. It also becomes a habit that makes one hanker for ways to better describe the beauty of the photographs. The writer gets in a groove of thinking about their next post as life goes along. Then when life intervenes and your time is not your own, the habit is broken and the blog falls away first. Although my life is still not my own, it’s time to push myself. There have been several requests about ‘when are you going to post your blog again?’ I’m diving back in. I know what’s waiting: repairing several tech issues with my website (from egghill)  and get serious about giving appreciative fans the opportunity to purchase prints – that’s a tall order (still working on sales).

Having posted goals, it’s time to get busy.

A few “pre-trip” photos as I knocked some of the rust loose from my brain to see if I could remember how to get a good photo and then write a blog about it.

ShelterIsland (1 of 1)
Shelter Island, San Diego

ShelterIslandboatslongexp (1 of 1)A long exposure smooths the waves, but blurs boats – boats won’t be still for 20 seconds)ShelterIslandllights (1 of 1)ShelterIslandMoon (1 of 1)Later during the same evening, a beautiful full moon.

Mist (1 of 1)

Look at the black/white photo called “Mist” A country lane? Horses grazing nearby? No, just beyond the fence on the left over 100′ below is the pounding Pacific surf. The gray shapes toward the top of the photo are small trees on a ‘green’ at Torrey Pines Golf Club, light spots are the sand traps.

My warm-up to the long trip was a visit to my friend’s L and K’s house in the Puget Sound. Always an early wake-up call – when you open your eyes and this is streaming in the window – who can stay in bed?SunriselessContrast (1 of 1)

Same photo, a little drama worked in.SunriseContrast (1 of 1)

PurseSeiners (1 of 1)

This line of boats are purse seiners. Toward the back of the line (when you enlarge the photo) you’ll see a couple men standing on towers on the boat who are lookouts posted  (I’m completely guessing this) who notify the boats and tenders when to close the net to catch the fish.

A very peaceful bike ride around the island ended watching the sun go down on the west side.Sunset (1 of 1)

A visit to the Cascades Institute took us into the mountains, to the land of turquoise water. Lovely ‘camp’ conditions, great meals, informative graduate students leading hikes.

Cascades (1 of 1)CascadesInsti (1 of 1)

Was Scotty being beamed up?GodRay (1 of 1)Lake (1 of 1)

I’ve just returned from a five-week photography jaunt with a couple friends and some new friends. Stay tuned for the next photo post. The pic below tells you a lot about the snowy Canadian part of our trip.



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