Wet Washington at Mt. Baker

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More drive-by photos, except this time I wasn’t driving – just looking out the very wet back window as we traveled to Mt. Baker in the Cascade Mountains to hike in the rain.

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The dutch influence on the farms in the Skagit Valley is obvious.

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Baker Lake is barely visable through the clouds.

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The logs you see came down Mt. Baker during storms in 2006. There was torrential rain, blasting winds, and huge snowpacks. It looks to me like the whole year was bad weather, so I’m not sure exactly when the logs came down the mountainside. Please tell me if you know!

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The road toward the trailhead. Most of the hardwood trees are covered in moss in the Cascades.

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The view from the parking lot at the trailhead. We are hiking in a cloud.

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The trail into the woods along the South Fork of the Nooksack River.

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The rain was pouring down. It was a challenge to keep my camera dry. All hand-held photos today.

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These moss strings hang from the trees.

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Despite the downpour, the colors are beautiful.

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My friend Laurie smiling through the rain.

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Even the windfall on the ground is colorful.

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Ghost of an Eagle?

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Looking down from a suspension bridge across the river.

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The water is truly green due to the minerals being washed down from the mountains.

Mt.BakerHike (15 of 21)

Crossing over the Nooksack. I would love to see the Salmon spawn here.

Mt.BakerHike (21 of 21)

Entrance to a fairy glade?

Mt.BakerHike (19 of 21)

A downed tree, taking on the patina of the forest.

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