Grand Canyon, North Rim Day 2

GrCanNRDay2 (1 of 7)

This was Day 2 of our trip to the Grand Canyon North Rim. I’m not pityfishing here, but I had just given up my crutches after surgery (hip replacement and one full inch added to the length of my leg to even out a discrepancy made worse by my first hip surgery 5 years ago) on May 29, and I was hurting here and throughout the rest of the trip. These photos were taken from Point Sublime – a two hour trip via 4-wheel drive on a ‘road’ that was barely passable, full of huge rocks, deep puddles and wide ruts. We could not all fit into one vehicle, so my Tracker became the other ‘jeep’ to get us there. As I look back at the photos, I see so many left untaken as pain does not help your brain to think. I look at the photo above and say: “Where is the other side of the earth shadow – why didn’t I take that photo?”

GrCanNRDay2 (3 of 7)-2Green canyons, slowly being absorbed by trees and scrub.

GrCanNRDay2 (7 of 7)My friend Coco going where I would go if I was there now!

flippedsunset (1 of 1)

The last sun rays.

GrCanNRDay2 (6 of 7)-2

Sun has set.

GrCanNRDay2 (4 of 7)-2

The glowing flowers are buckwheat (I think – hard to say after 5 months)!

The moon photos below were taken during a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse had already started by the time the moon appeared over the South Rim of the canyon. Then came the clouds and haze and bad out-of-focus eclipse photos!

GrCanNRDay2 (1 of 5)

GrCanNRDay2 (2 of 5)

GrCanNRDay2 (3 of 5)

GrCanNRDay2 (4 of 5)

GrCanNRDay2 (5 of 5)

We left the park the next day after another dawn shoot at Point Imperial. There were only a few worthy photos, here are a couple of them. It was cold and windy even though the daytime temperatures were close to 100º F before the end of the day. grcanAMday3 (1 of 10)

grcanAMday3 (2 of 10)

And next in sequence was supposed to be the “Arizona Road Tripping” that I published before this post. The order is still not correct! Onward to Monument Valley.

Oh well, maybe a couple recent posts next then. . .

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