Road Tripping through Arizona

Drive-by Arizona (1 of 11)

In trying to get back in sequence with the Arizona/Utah trip last fall:   I offer this road trip that took place between the Virgin River Campground and the Grand Canyon North Rim campground. The nifty thing about most of these photos, is that they were caught as I was following a pretty fast truck camper on the way to the Grand Canyon (i.e. not stopping). Cool your jets all you safety fans, I wasn’t looking at the camera,  just glancing out the window to enjoy the beauty and knowing when to press the shutter. I propped the camera on my chest and under my chin with the lens pointing out the side window (mostly).

Drive-by Arizona (2 of 11)

Towering mesas all through Native American lands.

Drive-by Arizona (3 of 11)

How I do love rocks, let me count the layers . . .

Drive-by Arizona (4 of 11)

Standing on an old bridge over the ‘mighty’ Colorado – that is still carving out canyons. Definitely a calm fall day. I believe the green clusters in the water are algae bloom.

Drive-by Arizona (5 of 11)

The bridge I just crossed traveling east (parked for the river photos).

Drive-by Arizona (9 of 11)

Look at those layers!  Lots of sandstone in the area. A geology course is in my future.

Drive-by Arizona (8 of 11)

What happened in the middle where the ribbons of rock have fallen to the valley floor?

Drive-by Arizona (10 of 11)

70 mph (might have been faster)!

Drive-by Arizona (11 of 11)

A sentinal rock slowly disintegrating back into the desert.


  1. Such beautiful images. That bridge going over the Colorado River is amazing. My husband and I are taking a trip to Arizona in April (from NJ) to visit my daughter. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful rock.


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