Busy days!

The last few weeks have been an almost constant whirl of activity-hence the lack of posts to my blog. Washing and waxing the RV, coating the roof with UV protector, putting air in the tires, getting ready for the trip north to Bishop.

My friend Carol took me on a hike to the Santa Rosa Plateau and pointed out all kinds of wild flowers, wild cucumbers, Engelmann Oaks and California Live Oaks. I went again the next day as it was a foggy day and foggy photos are beautiful. I caught a male and female White Tailed Kite living their lives-ahem. The photos were from pretty far away, but awesome. I’m making them into a video to be posted later.

The photo club where I’m a member (Inland Empire Photo Club, Temecula) had an outing to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park where we hiked 1.5 miles back to the Palm Oasis and out again hoping to spot Bighorn Sheep on the way-no luck on the sheep. The temps were probably in the 80’s, so it was a sweaty day! Then we traveled further into the Anza Borrego to a slot canyon for more photos. Some areas of the slot canyon were so narrow you could barely slip through – but amazing to see what water can do (I can’t wait to go to the Grand Canyon)!

My daughter and her family traveled to San Diego and we went to Point Loma, the waves and tide were too high for the tide pools; I visited Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach, Ventura Cove and Balboa Park, the next day we visited the San Diego Zoo and flew kites later in the afternoon with my youngest son.

I’ll catch up eventually with the southern California photos, I promise!

I flew out of Reno to visit my friend in Washington State. We’ll be visiting the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival – woohoo!

On the car trip up 395 from Bishop to Reno to catch my flight, I turned a 3.5 hour trip into six by stopping many times for photos. I finally had to make myself stop snapping pixs so as to not miss my flight to Seattle to visit my friends Laurie and Kevin. All through the trip there was snow. It was either falling in the distance, or I was driving through blizzard conditions where you feel like you’re driving through a tunnel of fast-moving snow. I agree with Cousin Tara that it’s wonderful to drive in the snow.

Snow coming down on the mountains ahead.
Snow coming down on the mountains ahead.
Mono Lake Tufa with snow falling across the lake.
Mono Lake Tufa with snow falling across the lake.
Fast rushing West Walker River.
Fast rushing West Walker River.

While waiting in Seattle for Kevin to fly in, we had a great day of sightseeing. Seattle’s mass transit system is great, we traveled on the Light Rail system to downtown and Chinatown.

Chinatown in Seattle, lovely sunny day, unusual weather for Seattle ;-)
Chinatown in Seattle, lovely sunny day, unusual weather for Seattle 😉

We visited the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific Experience and saw an exhibit of Asian fashion designers and Paper Unbound: Horiuchi and Beyond, hand cut designs mounted raised from the paper behind – WOW.

Hand cut  2' X 2' paper art.
Hand cut 2′ X 2′ paper art.
The famous Pike Place Market
The famous Pike Place Market

In the next photo, look above the girl’s head – there’s a flying fish. The employees of this fish stand are exhibitionists! Many orders are shouted in perfect unison between at least seven male voices, then when someone orders a large fish, they throw the fish through the air to the counter and maybe back again, then back up into the raised counter again. It draws attention!

The flying fish!
The flying fish!

Many beautiful flowers were available from multiple sellers.

Tulip Time!
Tulip Time!
Veggies galore - this seller was a ham.
Veggies galore – this seller was a ham.
Of course, many fish and crabs, oysters. Looking forward to the raw oysters in Bellingham.
Of course, many fish and crabs, oysters. Looking forward to the raw oysters in Bellingham.

We finished with a dinner from Lola, taking full advantage of Seattle Restaurant Week. YUM and neat neon art!

Lola Restaurant
Lola Restaurant

2 Replies to “Busy days!”

  1. Oh, the places you’ve been and the things that you’ve seen! (that’s a take off from something!) With many more to come!! Love living it through you. Thanks.


    1. Dr. Seuss! I’m on my way to the tulip fields in Skagit Valley, Washington. It’s sooooo beautiful here. Sunny for the first time since last week, Mt. Baker across on the mainland, turquoise water, Canadian Rockies to the north. All the mountains are snow covered. WOW!


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