Now that work has started back, Shelby and family are back out in the desert and I’m over the flu, a few words about happenings.

My grandson and granddaughter are the sweetest babies. Mom and Dad are doing a great job. When I went to kiss them goodbye after their return from Rhode Island, Elias sat to listen to his first story which was about animal mamas and their babies saying goodnight. Then a human mama and baby said goodnight and he reached up and kissed me. I could hardly continue speaking. But I braved it out and didn’t cry – how would that be for his little heart? Then Ada was being jiggled on my lap while Brenda was putting dinner on the table. Ada thrust an Italian bread crust in her mouth and proceeded to work on it. She fell fast asleep chewing on the bread. I told Shelby that she used to do that and her Dad remembered it too, a nice family connection. It’s those little things you don’t get when family lives far apart.

I have a camper! I purchased a 2003 Coachman Santara with only 23K miles. It’s a Class C, so you just hook your car behind (I’ll be towing the same car the former owners did), and drive away. it’s beautiful, it looks brand new. I’m going to book my first two camping trips tonight!

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