backwards speaking

I’ve thought a lot about my writing style – not that I think I have a good one – no, quite the reverse – could be a pun. I seem to think/write backwards. I often find myself typing along, basically writing everything I’m thinking at just that moment (well almost-I’m not that fast that I could type every thought). Then, I look back and (now I’ll have to think about verbs and such) see a verb or adverb way at the end of the sentence and I’ll have to cut and paste and rearrange the whole structure of the sentence. I finally figured out why!

My Dad grew up in the Pennsylvania Dutch area. Most all of my relatives and a lot of the Amish that I’ve spoken with, seem to have that backwards sentence structure. I’ll have to figure that out – ask some of my English degree people – or as Garrison Keillor would say – POEM (Professional Organization of English Majors).

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