Snow Time

The kids missed a day of school this past week due to the snow. We were given a two hour delay, so I took the time to shovel before I left for work; the area in from of my garage door turns to ice if I don’t shovel it and I wasn’t sure if Freddie would be here. The snow was light, it didn’t take long. Who do I pass coming up the road as I was going to work? You guessed it, Freddie. He did a beautiful job with the rest of the driveway.

It’s cold – 29 degrees – and that feels warm for 9:00 am. The birds outside my window were calling this morning. Yesterday, I moved my sofa so I could see out the sliding door. The Beauty Berry bushes’ berries are almost gone, good grief! The cardinals and mockingbirds love them. The pyracantha around the corner is picked clean. all the seed heads from the flowers and weeds are picked clean. The birds really miss rooting around on the ground. If it gets over freezing today, maybe some of the snow will melt.

So, I sat down to watch the birds and realized the window was dirty (for about the umpteenth time). I had noticed little Elias smears a couple weeks ago. I would have left them if they were really handprints – how long will it be before handprints will be there again? But, alas, it was just a smear at his height. Its gone now, I didn’t realize I’d have to wax philosophically about it.

I’m going to book my tickets for the birthday and baptism for Ada in June.

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