Water again

One of the problems with having had the pool filled in, the water connection (the faucet on the end) was accidentally ripped off by me on the mower in the spring. My friend John came today and fixed it, mounted it on a 4X4 and cemented it in. Cool beans. I have water again in the back yard. I always hated having the hoses drizzling out over the patio all the time, and used the faucet that went with the pool a lot. It’s only been since last Labor Day that the pool area has been filled in and reachable, so I was looking forward for the first time in 7 years to hoses way out back instead of all over the patio. And when it’s as dry as its been this summer, you always have the hoses out just to keep the flower beds damp. At this moment, I’m watering a half dead golden redbud. Nice.

It’s been threatening to rain a couple times today, but nothing so far.

I’ve decided to start a blog that people would actually read. I’ve fiddled around with it for a while, but haven’t shared my address with anyone. I was thinking though (with future retirement in sight), that I should have a means of communication that at least every once in a while people could see and hear about where I am and what I’m seeing.

Somehow when I think about people actually reading this, then it gets scary thinking about what to write. So I’ll just putter about in the blog until I find my niche.

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