Easter morning. Simmered some quinoa for salad and baked a cake. Need to devil the eggs and finish salad and ice cake. Then can play.

Instead of attending worship today, I traveled to Mauritius. The NYT had a slide show about the island and then there were several articles posted also. They all just took me back there. I had a Mauritius moment the other day. I had found several tiny jam jars from Mauritius. Using a recent recipe in Cooking Light I made the most delicious salad dressing using the guava marmalade. When I stirred it together I swear I could smell the market in Grande Bais. What a memorable trip.

Looking at the slide show, I was reminded of Casarina Bay (at least that was my name for it). Swimming there one morning near dawn I found it difficult to tell the difference between the water and the air. There were mentions of Grande Bais (where my cousin lives). That’s where one of my most memorable ‘missed’ pictures was. We were traveling (down the wrong side of the road) when my cousin mentioned – ‘Oh there’s Therese, she’s the blind masseuse I was telling you about.” When I turned to look, there she was standing, holding her daughter’s hand, alongside four Indian women in bright sari’s – all waiting beside the bus stop. How beautiful it was.

Le Bois Cheri was mentioned. The tea plantation itself was lovely, I’ll try to post a picture I took of workers leaving for the day. The author mentioned that the equipment at the plantation reminded him of H. G. Wells – it’s true, very big and homemade looking. There were wild orchids growing along the roads on the way up to the tasting room. You could see the sea from the tasting room, miles and miles away.

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