A Big Thank You!

Since it is our custom in the good old USA to be polite: please know I appreciate your time and effort as you’ve ‘liked’, commented, or followed my blog. Since being chosen as an Editor’s Choice for Freshly Pressed (WordPress’s term for Editor’s Choice), I’ve been amazed at the sheer number of responses. Over 1,800 readers have viewed the blog since WordPress honored it on October 11 and I’ve gained over 210 new followers. Thank you very much.

When I received word about being Freshly Pressed, I was in the middle of a trip to visit my brothers, since then I’ve flown home and am ready to catch up with my blog. I wake up each morning seeing comments, followers and likes from the other side of the world while I was sleeping. Three followers popped into my email while I was typing this. I am deeply honored by your attention.

I’m posting a few photos from this past week for your enjoyment. My next post will be about “100 Mules Walking”.

leaffence (1 of 1)

I was photographing the cattle, but liked how this lone heart-shaped cottonwood leaf spoke to me from where it was impaled on the barbed-wire fence.

millpond (1 of 1)

This millpond is filled with snow melt from the mountains in the background. Brrrr cold! (Just ask my grand-daughters who swam in it a couple springs ago.)

aspensnow (1 of 1)

Snow has arrived twice so far in the higher altitudes and the aspens are almost finished with their sunny show. It is still shirtsleeve weather down below though.

day is done (1 of 1)

It was a beautiful evening at 9000′, hard to get in the car and drive down the mountain.


  1. Congratlations — A wonderful opportunity to travel with you to so many beautiful places. Since Yahoo has changed it’s format I have been having trouble forwarding your site to others. Any suggestions? Has someone else expressed this problem?


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