Victoria, British Columbia, Part 2

Parliament Buildings

The day after Butchart Gardens (which was cloudy and rainy) we visited the Royal British Columbia Museum. This view of the Parliament Buildings was taken through the third story window of the museum. We worked our way through three floors of history of how the northwest was settled and saw wonderful examples of the First Nations who first lived in Bristish Columbia.

Museum Totem

The Totems throughout Victoria are amazing. The collection of objects from the First Nations was massive, including two different types of homes depicting life in the Pacific Northwest.

The Empress

This totem resides in the Fairmont Empress Hotel. We went there for Afternoon Tea in the lovely dining room overlooking the harbor.


Tea sandwiches, scones, jam, cakes and tea from a silver teapot on the William Edwards china while a gentleman plays the grand piano just a few feet away, how grand! My cousin Carol, who writes a very funny travel blog Which Way Now 101 will immediately recognize what’s wrong with this photo. But then she’s lived in England most of her adult life and is used to ‘afternoon tea’. Did you chuckle Carol?Christ Church Cathedral

On the way back to our ‘Bohemian AirBnB’ we stopped for a little while at Christ Church Cathedral. I love beautiful architecture. and churches aren’t built like this anymore. It reminds me of the book: “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett, written about building a cathedral in the 12th century. Such an undertaking!

Christ Church 2

Christ Church 3

A new pipe organ was recently installed, I can only imagine how it would have resounded in this sanctuary.

The Abigail

Before we boarded our ferry the next morning, we stopped for breakfast at “Abigail’s Hotel”, a small boutique bed and breakfast just down the block from our ‘bohemian’ AirBnB. A lovely visit!


  1. I had tea at the Empress hotel. I think it has been renovated since 1986. It was beautiful on the harbor. Loved the ferry.


  2. Haven’t gotten posts recently. Hope that you are okay. You do beautiful work. I was in Victoria in 1986. Brings back memories.


    1. According to the little book purchased from The Empress about afternoon tea, the ‘proper’ way to hold the teacup is to have the saucer in one hand somewhat under the cup you’re holding with the other hand while drinking the tea. Our saucers are on the table. I was sure you’d pick up our faux pas. So, not true?


      1. You know, I did notice that. It seemed rude to point it out though. It’s a bit of stuffy old fashioned etiquette. Us middle class people drink out of mugs anyway!


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