Drive-bys in Washington

The photos in this segment of my Washington adventure should all be considered drive-bys. Being able to be a passenger instead of the driver in the car and then being on a ferry for two hours and forty minutes allowed me the leisure of not having to do anything but point the camera.

My recent visit to the Puget Sound was also my very first visit to Canada. My friend Laurie and I decided that due to some recent circumstances (tulip fields already cut down due to an unusually early spring), a visit to Victoria, British Columbia was beckoning us onward toward their tulips. The morning was beautiful, with little patches of fog (something you don’t see in the desert).

Foggy morning

Foggy farm

Ferry parking lot

This is the view from the parking lot in Anacortes looking toward Mt. Baker ad the Three Sisters.

Olympic Range to the south

The Olympic range to the southwest. Lovely being surrounded by water, islands, mountains and sky.


We passed through many of the islands in the sound, stopping once at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker and the Three Sisters to the east.

Sea Lion

I ‘think’ this is a sea lion. He was traveling in the opposite direction and was slipping in and out of the water. I was hoping to spot an Orca whale, but besides sea birds and ducks, the sea lion was the only wildlife I saw.


These little lighthouses were small sentinals on tiny islands, keeping the way marked for all the ocean going traffic.

Lighthouse 2

Mt. Baker again

Next stop: Butchart Gardens and Victoria.


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