Writing 201: Poetry: Fog

Bridging the Gap?

The sun peeking over the horizon
with gentle breeze rising
Shines lightly on the bridge
below the rocky ridge

Who knew that this lonely road
would bring me to this sacred lode
of beauty unsurpassed to listen
feel the fog on brow to christen

The quiet is broken by coyote talk:
gather the clan, melt back to the rock
time to sleep away the day
get ready for another fray

Magma heated stream
the fog, that is really steam
Dries in the warmth of the day
But the magic will hold sway . . .

The very next evening
The skies are receiving
A stunning gathering of Moon, Venus, Mars
The heavens offer praise to the stars:

Praise God for it all!


Writing 201: Poetry


  1. LOVE IT!! Your poem is great as well as your photos. I remembered too late to look for the moon and planets tonight so thanks so much for your photo!



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