Saturday morning

I woke up on Friday thinking it was Saturday for about 20 minutes as I scrambled to get dressed-that’s a first-forgetting the day for that long ;-( this retired life makes you forget what day it is!! But on the REAL Saturday, I struggled out of my warm bed to go chase balloons and go to the farmer’s market.

It was very foggy in Temecula, so three of the balloons came out my way to alight, just a couple minutes up the road. The fog quickly followed them though and had I been in the balloon, I would have been disappointed over my views from on high and they weren’t up for very long!

In following the balloons, the best trick is to follow the chase vehicle. He took off onto a road I had not traveled previously. It quickly became a dirt road (as are many roads in this neck of the hills). As with all photos, they are two dimensional, losing the true scope of how steep these hills are. The jackrabbit down the hill wasn’t sticking around.

rabbit running

Note the utility lines on the poles. At the top of the hill, they were only about 10′ over the height of my car, this road was definitely not flat!

steep hill

Then, there were the funny signs. The owners utilized shipping pallets (remember those Chris?) lodged behind a low fence to keep the dogs in. I had to laugh out loud at the dumb dog sign.

dumb dogs

The horses were watching the balloons, being nosy.

horses watching

The shepherd was barking, alerting his owner who was busy gardening on top of this foothill. There was not a way to get closer to this balloon without going back and around the mountain from the other side.

dog barking


In order to follow this balloon down, there was a VERY steep decline. I u-turned around on the top of the hill (utility lines photo above.) At least they landed on somewhat less precarious looking ground than the balloon above.


Then on to the great farmer’s market in Temecula. It is huge (by Newark Coop standards) and so many different varieties of products. One of my favorite stops is one of the olive oil stands. A lovely gentleman always has a story to tell about his olives, or the oil, or his mother’s health (because she uses olive oil), and many delicious samples.




There is also a clown (ahem) who paints children’s faces. I’m sure she’s a lovely lady, but I personally would be a little freaked out if I was a child.



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