Temecula Valley Wine Country

Today the rain cleared out, leaving behind fluffy white clouds scudding across the sky. Maurice Carrie vineyard’s windmill was spinning merrily in the breeze.
Maurice Carrie vineyard

Van Roekel Vineyard – lovelyVan Roekel

The days of wine and oranges (the roses aren’t blooming yet)The days of wine and oranges.

Wilson Creek’s vines
Wilson Creek

Right beside the vineyards are green (for now) hills with Mt. Palomar in the background
Mt Palomar overlooking vineyards
green hills
Mt. Palomar

The hills directly across from the vineyards above are part of open space and a portion has trails for humans. But the other occupants of the hills are always very curious to see who is visiting them.
First to come
All in a row:
All in a row
Wait for us!
Wait for us!
Yes, these beauties came right up to the fence to visit. Only one bull (the third picture) let me pet him.
heart on my head
fuzzy furry
is this a brahma bull?

Beautiful hills:


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