Uncle Dave’s Revisited

When I started my cross-country trip, I was encountering a great deal of difficulty posting pictures to my blog. I had promised I would post pictures from Uncle Dave’s house in North Carolina later and have not done so. I was parked most recently in an area on the left coast that for AT&T shows up as ‘Edge’ on my iPad and iPhone. And they do mean on the Edge. Pages load so slowly they timeout, or they won’t load at all. I’ve now moved to a wi-fi campground, I hope to post more from here, even though it feels like a dial-up connection!

Here’s the link to the original post to remind you where I was: Uncle Dave’s Take One Briggs and Stratton I rode one of these big boys bareback, it was like sitting on a big comfy sofa!

The cabin was cozy inside – check the SmugMug link for the outside cabin photo. insidecabin

This link will show you Egghillphotos.smugmug some more of the pictures I took in North Carolina. It was a learning experience! If you’re watching the slide shows from SmugMug on an iPad or iPhone, the captions for the photos won’t show up for you because Flash technology is not installed on those Apple devices.

You’ve heard of campground meetings? Here in North Carolina, the ‘tents’ are really row houses. Each different colored compartment would house the whole family,including aunts, uncles and grandparents and boasted refrigerators, stoves, bathrooms and electricity. The families meet for one week a year; for the rest of the year the campground is empty. They ‘own’ their own compartments and they’re passed down through the families. Ballscreekcampground Ball’s Creek Campground also had an open-air worship center in the center of the campground. There was a camp store and snack bar too. Ballscreekmeeting

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