the day after

Big snow, blizzard conditions, no power yesterday. Today the power is back on. I stayed the night with my brother because he has a fireplace and I wasn’t sure how long the power was going to be off. Went off at 10 am. I walked up the road to his house around 5. My nose was beginning to get cold in my house – plenty of clothes to wear. By the time I got there, a power company truck had become stuck in the drifts in front of my brother’s house. We watched for the next 3 hours as it stayed stuck. Then a wrecker came and towed the truck backwards, because no one could plow through the drifts. It took three snow plow trucks getting stuck before a little bulldozer finally came out and dozed the drifts.

I trekked back home this morning and decided to come through the field so I could get some pictures. It took me nearly 1.5 hours to get home. The drift through the creek area was up to my chest, I had to belly crawl across it. I almost turned around and went back, but that would have been just as much work as going forward! Not sure if the pictures were worth it – I’m completely worn out. Now I have to shovel!

I’m trying to decide whether to link this blog to the outside world. Not sure if anyone would even want to read my musings. I was thinking more along the lines of leaving some written details of my life since my family lives so far away, then chickened out because I have to edit things I think about (worries about granddaughters) and daughter.

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