Sunday afternoon

Finished shoveling for now. I decided getting into the 4 back doors was enough. The front sidewalk is still pristine. I am not plowed out yet. Not sure whether to bother my friend who has kept me plowed this year. I saw him go by earlier this afternoon, but it’s getting later . . .

I’m disappointed that I couldn’t get the car out and go take some pictures. The lack of traffic has been pleasurable. Listening to Garrison Keillor, watching the birds, fooling on the computer. Glass of wine, sunshine – one could not ask for too much more – well maybe a companion. Then there are times like today – I like being alone.

I’m missing my daughter and grandson (and my son-in-law). They’ve moved many thousands of miles and many hours of travel away. Since I’m still working, my vacation time is somewhat limited, so the trips will be shorter than I would like. My sweet-grandson is eighteen months old, and she’s expecting their second child in June.

Probably my photography is the brightest spot of my life and I’m so enjoying it. God bless my brother-in-law for making his printer available. Love those IKEA frames!

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