Three Favorite Songs

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you? Hmmm . . .

My oldest son asked me recently about a song I used to play a lot on the piano when he was a child, who knew he was listening? Playing the piano was never easy for me like so many of my friends; who all had the natural talent of being able to sight-read music or play by ear, neither of which I had. Every note I played either on the piano or the clarinet was hard-won through hours of practice. As a young adult, I continued my studies with ‘Prof’, the professor of music at Lincoln University. Since I lived in the area, he was the natural choice for my instructor in piano and organ. Sad to say, I never mastered the organ and can still only play songs that I’ve practiced over and over.

The song that my son asked me about was Debussy’s Arabesque #1. That song spoke to my heart every time I played it, and I practiced it a lot, because there was always someplace that I made a mistake – usually only one or two, but I wanted it to be perfect. Since I was a young adult with children, the only times I had to play were at night (if I beat the mister to the living room where the piano and TV resided). I can still remember the hot, humid summer nights in Maryland, playing this beautiful piece along with other of my favorites (like Moonlight Sonata – I was working on the third movement when I stopped practicing.) The sound of tree frogs and crickets accompanied me. The piece was hard for me because of the triple-lets in one hand against eighth notes in the other.

Another song that touched me was Landslide by Fleetwood Mac because of things happening in my life at the time. If you asked me what the lyrics were, I couldn’t tell you. My daughter used to laugh at me when I’d ask some silly question about what was being sung on the radio – could be any song. I always got the words wrong. It turns out I’ve always had an auditory delay and so had a hard time understanding and remembering song lyrics. It’s also why when jokes were told, people would already be laughing before I figured out what was said. At least I figured out why!

George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue was another favorite piano piece I was learning how to play when life intervened. It is still one of my favorites. Until I wrote this blog, I didn’t realize how much I miss playing the piano. I will have to seriously look for a keyboard to keep with me in my RV since my piano stayed behind.

I’m also late with today’s post because of heat in the valley – it drove me to the cooler mountains. I HAD to hike. I was just a short one – almost three miles – but three beautiful miles in the Eastern Sierras. I met one person leaving the trailhead as I started hiking, then saw no one at all until I met a pharmacist from Colorado who had gone all the way to the lake and was on her way back down. I didn’t start in time to do that, but will certainly accomplish the ten-mile hike just to see the different shades of turquoise water she told me about. We shared notes about the mosquitoes, hot springs, hiking and not being afraid. It was great.

A beautiful hike!
A beautiful hike!

10 Replies to “Three Favorite Songs”

  1. I have several posts of yours to catch up on – it’s a shame to rush good photography and I need to go – but just wanted to say that I like the new look of the blog 🙂 And thanks for the like on my post today!


    1. Thanks Ruth, I haven’t been happy with the old look for a while and it’s still. Work in progress. I started the writing 101 and am also behind by two days – not used to posting every day! Hope your team won!


    1. I can remember your sheet music propped up on the piano which later in life became the repository for photos; your parent’s children and grandchildren who lived so very far from them. Did you have a piano in England?


      1. I still have a piano, in storage. I just hope I can find a corner for it in the new house that exists only in my imagination at the moment. Why don’t you break your journey to Mauritius and stop in to see us! It would be so much nicer than spending 9 hours at Heathrow.


  2. Wow, this post “struck a chord” with me too. Music can really speak to me. I am not the pianist but my son Randy (33) is/was. Not number 1 but Arabesque #2 was first a piece we heard on the radio on a family camping trip. We all loved it but hadn’t heard the name but just the composer. That sent me on a hunt to find it (before the days of youtube) My son was 11 or 12 and played it at a recital. He went on to play Rhapsody in Blue when he was about 15 or 16. I LOVE that piece above all the others that he has played. He had originally wanted to be a concert pianist but realized that he didn’t have the drive or personality to do so. Instead he is using his hands in a machine shop!

    Take care,




    1. Wow! I hope that he still plays, all that talent. I imagine you pray that he doesn’t injure his hands in the shop! Struck a chord indeed – you should write a blog!


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